Welcome to Ark Dental System

Ark Dental System, founded in 2002, is an IT solution company to provide Dental IT solution services. ARK Dental System thrives on the support of you, the doctors who seek a more reliable, sophisticated, secure and convenient IT system.

Ark Dental System truly believes that no business can succeed without the support of a proficient managed IT Service solution for Dental. Amongst the broad range of IT solution suppliers, each and every firm has a solution specialized for each focus group. ARK Dental System is an IT solution company focusing on dental industry. How to serve X-ray images in HD for the doctors‘ examination; how can a doctor easily access to his/her computer system; how to serve accurate patient information with no delay; how to save X-ray images on the server fast to allow access from other computers on the network; how to securely back-up all patient information and X-ray images saved on a server; how to achieve prolific efficiency in clerking; how to protect your server and workstations from computer viruses; how to spread the word of your dental office to the widest potential customer pool; how to prioritize a dental office on web search engines; ARK Dental System has the answers to all of these questions.

ARK Dental System desires to share our knowledge of dental IT, accumulated and proven over years of experience.

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