I run a relatively large dental office. There are lots of employees and computers. There was an episode with the server, so the IT firm I was in business with at the time said I had to change the server. The problem was that the main server was only 5 years old, and in my common sense, a server should properly operate for at least 10 years. I lost my trust in the IT firm and sought a consultation from the Ark Dental System. Long story short, the day Ark Dental System started to manage my system, all fundamental problems were resolved. It is no secret that the main server hardware was not the problem. The server, once suggested to be replaced, is still operating at its full capacity. Ark Dental System is a reliable, dependable and trustworthy IT provider. I am also enjoying a 15% reduction in monthly maintenance costs. Ark Dental Service is a specialist providing a better service at a lower cost.

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