My dental office is a medium-sized business in a large city. I installed my IT system with the help of a friend. A storm struck the region in my third year of business so UPS power kicked in to protect the system. However, it failed to maintain the system once the batteries were fully discharged, which led to a forcible shutdown. The system came back online, but it was too late to recover data from the storage. My friend assured me that all data was safely backed up. But the backup system only had backup data from 6 months ago. I had no time, and needed help from a true IT specialist. I contacted Ark Dental System after seeing their advertisement, and decided to sign a contract based on the information on their website. Initially, Ark Dental System recovered all the patients’ information. Their commitment and precision paid back in recovering all data, and they established a sound and solid backup system. Ever since then, Ark Dental System has been the manager of my IT system, and with their daily server monitoring, I can focus exclusively on my patients. I would like to emphasize the importance of IT specialists for a dental office.

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