I own two branches. Ark Dental System is my partner in IT management for the main office and both branches. I worked with a handful of IT firms before I hired Ark Dental System. Despite the high costs, none of the previous IT managers were able to resolve the fundamental problems. Perhaps it wasn’t that they “couldn’t” but that they “wouldn’t.” I had the impression that Ark Dental System did everything they could to resolve the fundamental problems. They didn’t stop their efforts until the fundamental problems were resolved. I lost track of how many times their manager visited my office, who was eager to talk and requested feedback. Sometimes, under the piles of charts and books full of appointments, I would rather not have them in my business, but only a team effort would have resolved all problems. I trust Ark Dental System. Rather than recommending a renewal in the entire IT system, Ark Dental System tried to maximize every resource I already had. However, it was inevitable that I needed to replace some of the older devices. Ark Dental System provides sophisticated IT management not only for the largest main office, but also for the small branch offices. I am always grateful for their prompt responses.

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