8 years ago, when I opened my business, I received quotations from 5 IT firms. Ark Dental System was one of them, but I did not select Ark Dental System as my partner because their price was not the lowest. A general IT firm established my dental system, but I had concerns from the first day. They had no clue about a dental system. Eventually, they completed the IT system, but the reception staff was not shy about making complaints. “This doesn’t work, that doesn’t work,” on and on. Every problem was related to the computers, and the initial IT firm repeatedly visited, yet nothing was resolved. The system was from “Easy Dental,” yet even Easy Dental couldn’t resolve the problems. Problems emerged from every system – insurance claims, X-rays, on and on – it was normal for fed-up employees to quit. It was then that Ark Dental System came to my mind. I recalled that they said they were “Dental IT Specialists.” Ark Dental System diagnosed my system and concluded that I had to replace all house-grade computers with commercial computers. But at that time, I was on a tight budget, so I had to tell them I couldn’t afford the transition. Ark Dental System found a temporary solution to fix and upgrade my house-grade computers, and recommended that I replace the server with a commercial server within three years. It took three months for Ark Dental System to resolve all the problems in my office. The saying was that I had too many problems. They fixed everything and solved all fundamental problems. The best thing is that now all of the staff members are happy, so I am also happy. I have regrets in not initially selecting Ark Dental System, yet I am glad that I am now in business with them. I hope Ark Dental System continues to prosper.

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