I have owned my business for 15 years. At the beginning of my business, a friend who worked for an IT firm installed my dental IT system. The system was perfect for one year. After that, small and big problems emerged. X-ray images were not saved, and the number of times I had to ask patients to wait until the images loaded gradually increased. Most patient complaints were related to my computers, not my dental service. No patients are pleasant when they are asked to take X-rays again. I contacted Ark Dental System for help. Ark Dental System explained that they are not a one-time service IT firm, and they begin their work with an IT maintenance contract. They visited my office and reviewed my entire IT system. The result was devastating. All my computers were designed for home use, not commercial use, leading to inevitable problems. I was naive to sign a contract with my friend’s firm simply to purchase a cheaper system. Yes, I had saved some money with inexpensive computers. Yet saving money led to losing patients. Ark Dental System replaced the main server and every workstation and connected all of my X-ray systems to the network. Now, I am enjoying the benefits of the installation of the system. I no longer have to deal with problems in loading X-ray images and enjoy fast and stable data transfer. The triple data backup to a sophisticated server leaves me with no worries. Ark Dental System is one of my most important business partners.

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