Dental Solution 3rd Party Vendor Control

Operating a dental office includes interactions with other vendors. Pano X-Ray vendors, sensor vendors, practice management software vendors, internet service providers and IT device vendors are common vendors related to a dental office IT solution. ARK Dental Service offers management and control of interactions with other IT vendors. ARK Dental System has the experience in knowledge of the overall field of IT. In general, the majority of IT vendors are busy with their own businesses and lack knowledge in the features of a dental office, their best support is dealing only with the imminent problem and try to step out of the situation. However, doctors and staff members are not IT experts and do not know if the problem is fundamentally solved. Thus, the same problems repeatedly occur to the extent that the dental clinic businesses and the 3rd party vendors all lose their grip on solving the problems and choose to make compromises despite the consequential inconvenience. Chronic compromises gradually leads to an unstable system. ARK Dental System offers a fundamental solution to the problems with its control of and follow-up with those 3rd parties. ARK Dental System does not settle for a mediocre solution, only a perfect solution meets the standard of ARK Dental System. Inform your 3rd party vendors that you have your own IT manager, and your IT manager will liaise with you.

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Why You Need A Professional

The following are incidents that actually occurred.

  • Software conflicts caused by different vendor configurations interfering with each other.
  • Compatibility problems caused by improper installations due to unfamiliarity with hardware.
  • Repeated issues occurring again and again after temporary solutions.
  • Impractical and disruptive workarounds causing stress to you and your staff.