HIPAA Compliance Cyber Security

There are two origins of cyber attacks: external attacks through the internet and internal breaches. Servers for dental offices are open servers that are vulnerable to security threats. To protect patient information in a dental office, the cyber security specialists from ARK Dental System install a network firewall in the dental office system. Every server and workstation is protected with a centralized virus protection. With the internal and external protection and encrypted server data, ARK Dental System can protect the personal information of customers (the most resourceful asset of your dental office) under any circumstance.

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Why Need Professional

Ark Dental System support philosophy begins to provide a solution that is superior in every way, functionally and developmentally. Ark Dental System works closely with clients to achieve full satisfaction. IT issues will get resolved if your entire staff can call for support.

With Ark Dental System, you can focus on your business knowing that all of your IT needs are covered. You will have fewer issues, less downtime, and a no-surprise charges. Take comfort knowing our Washington, DC based IT Support team and help desk will be there for you.