Dental Office Patient Data Security & Encryption System

Every medical business should guarantee the security and confidentiality for patient information. Data stored on the server should allow quick access, moreover, safe and secure storage & preservation protected from any unintentional loss of data. The data storage shall not lose its integrity even under a hardware malfunction to the server computer. A server may be replaceable, however lost patient information, charts, and X-rays are irrecoverable. Dental offices that selected ARK Dental System as their IT solution provider have never experienced loss of patient information. ARK Dental System provides a three-tier backup system: server backup, offsite backup and backup cloud backup. ARK Dental System implements an Early Warning System to prevent any data loss, activating an early alarm once a security threat of data storage is detected. It may be impossible to achieve a 100% perfect backup system, however, any a 100% perfect backup system should be the goal of any IT solution provider. And ARK Dental System has that goal.

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Why You Need A Professional

The following are incidents that actually occurred due to insignificant or under prepared data security and backup systems of servers.

  • Servers are shutdown upon various reasons including blackout, where such shutdown often causes storage malfunctions.
    The absence of a backup system, or improper setup of a backup system causes loss of patient data, leaving the storage irrecoverable.
  • Storage is the most vulnerable and insecure component of a server. That is why a single-tier backup system is insufficient.
    Only a 3-tier backup system, as minimum, can prepare you from an inadvertent disaster.
  • Ransomeware is a type of hacking that encrypts files, rather than deleting files.
    A conventional backup system cannot protect your clinic’s valuable information from a ransomware attack. ARK Dental System‘s 3-tier encrypted backup system protects your data from general and advanced hacking attacks.
  • Without a state-of-the-art backup system for the server, a conventional backup system would copy the entire data stored on the server every day.
    Such protocol imposes overload on the server, makes the server slower, causes insufficient backup and early shortage of storage space. The backup system provided by ARK Dental System is a state-of-the-art highly secure encrypted backup system, that identifies and backup files created or edited after the previous backup. Backups are made by date where if an abnormal backup is detected, a user can easily restore from backup files prior to the anomaly.
  • The ability to quickly recover patient information under duress is another point of emphasis.
    Incidents where information, believed to be backed-up, cannot be recovered occur more often than not. A system that offers quick and full recovery is a truly reliable system. ARK Dental System is the only dental IT solution supplier that provides such a system, satisfying the needs of all customers.