Dental Office IT system, Software, Server & Workstation Migration

Every IT system requires patches, upgrades, updates, and migration in some shape or form. The purpose of such a process is to correct errors on every IT system within your office, remove any bugs, and improve their performance. It is essential to perform hardware migration on your server on a regular basis. In general, the expected life of a server is seven years. However, with the proper migration at the appropriate time, it can be extended by 3 to 4 years. Delegate your IT management to ARK Dental System. We will provide the optimal environment for a professional performance with the most recent updates.

dell servers

Why You Need A Professional

Troubles in patches, upgrades, updates, or migrations cause problems. The following are incidents that actually occurred.

  • Failure to realize the full potential of the Practice Management System.
  • Unknown error messages from the PMS.
  • Unorganized patient database.
  • Frequent replacement of the server and workstation.
  • Without proper patches to network security devices, your system will be left vulnerable to external hacking attempts that may cause breaches to patient information.