Dental Office Practice Management Software Installation

The selection, optimal setup and sophisticated management of Practice Management Software (PMS) is essence for a dental office. Only with a decades-worth experience of fluent managing patient information, X-ray information and insurance policies, a doctor can concentrate on his/her genuine business. For the past 17 years, ARK Dental System conducted tests, installations and managements of varieties of PMS products. ARK Dental System is equipped with the experience to select and integrate the proper PMS conforming the needs of each dental office, than any other IT solution provider. Not all of the numbers of PMS products available in the market are good softwares.

The perfect compatibility of the bridge software interfacing between the PMS and X-ray Image Software is more than essence. ARK Dental Service will provide selection, integration and management of the ascertained PMS that fits to the size and features of your dental office.

Why Need Professional

Wrong selection, integration and management of PMS cause problems. The followings are incidents that actually occurred.

  • Frequent failure in loading patient information at the front desk or clinic room.
  • Unintentional loss of information or records of a specific patient.
  • Seldom or frequent freezing of PMS in the clinic room.
  • Inconsistent connection between PMS and X-Ray software.
  • Gradual increase of time for software execution and patient information loading.
  • Replacing a PMS after experience multiple malfunctions after operating a PMS for a significant amount a time is time and money consuming and causes loss of data, thus, selecting the proper PMS in the beginning is extremely important.