Fault Tolerance & Disaster Recovery Processor

ARK Dental System is ready to handle any situation caused by an IT disaster. Even the most sophisticated IT system can evidently become the victim of a disaster. In the event of a fire, flood, outage, building collapse, loss of backup device, stolen backup device or total destruction of the backup device, ARK Dental System is prepared.

dell servers

Why You Need A Professional

The following are incidents that actually occurred.

  • In any situation, the patient’s information is secured in numbers of separate devices.
  • During a complete shutdown, when the main server is no longer available, ARK Dental System provides a temporary emergency server with access to all patient information until a new server is properly set up.
  • ARK Dental System’s goal is to minimize the businesses’ downtime.
  • During an IT disaster, ARK Dental System’s IT technicians are ready to assist you.
  • Ark Dental System’s commitment, including overnight work, will minimize your downtime.