Dental Office Patient Auto Management and Auto Promotion Solutions.

A dental office system should provide easy patient scheduling and auto-notifications of upcoming reservations to patients. Such a system should be an integral part of the server computer, synchronized with patient information, not a independent stand-alone system. ARK Dental System provides a safe and sophisticated solution that has been proven over time. A comprehensive system collaborating with the server, solution software and the website comprise a flawless process.

Why You Need A Professional

The following are incidents that actually occurred.

  • Without proper communication between the scheduling and notification system, patients will be given incorrect or out of date information.
  • With server integration, changes made will automatically sync for all programs seamlessly, no need to manually enter changes into different systems.
  • Stay on top of patient scheduling with automated reminders so you and your staff can focus on the larger tasks at hand.
  • Web portal integration with your website, no need for clients to visit external services.