Instant Remote & On-Site Tech Support

For a prompt and accurate solution, ARK Dental System provides a dual approach IT maintenance with online remote tech support and on-site tech support with trained specialists. Call our technical support specialist, and read the system number labeled on your computer. No need to go through the burdens to access internet, visit a specific website, download a program, and read a key code. The only thing you have to do is read the number ARK Dental System placed on your computer. A trained specialist will remotely access the computer and find the solution. If the problem requires on-site attention, a trained specialist will visit your office to find the solution. In general, the technician will visit your office the next day, but for extremely urgent cases, the technician may arrive on the day of your request (depending on the time of your request). Ark Dental System allows your staff to concentrate on their work. Increased occupational stress causes employees to quit or demand salary raises. An automated and flawless IT tech support provides convenience to your everyday office work.

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Why You Need A Professional

The following are incidents that actually occurred.

  • Delayed response time causes downtime for your business.
  • No need to worry about confusing support systems, simply inform our trained technician of your system number and we will take care of the rest.
  • Remote assistance is a powerful tool for your business to have quick and seamless support, but not all problems can be solved remotely. Our combination of remote and on-site support provides the best of both worlds.
  • Emergency availability.