Dental Office Sensor, X-Ray & CT System Installation, and Maintenance

The various X-ray devices in a dental office shall conform to an integrated system connected to the entire network, rather than a simple device. ARK Dental System provides a comprehensive network resource by correctly integrating every system required for a dental office. It is critical to set up perfect X-Ray devices in a perfect network.

Why You Need A Professional

An inappropriate setup of X-ray systems and other dental systems causes problems. The following are incidents that actually occurred.

  • Inconsistent authorization of different sensors.
  • X-ray images that have been taken, but not saved on the server.
  • X-ray images taken from one system, but not accessible from another system.
  • Shortened life cycle of Pano X-Ray, causing premature malfunctions.
  • Non-responding system upon a command to load an X-ray image from PMS.