Dental Office Server & Workstation Design

Servers and workstations of a dental office should have a reasonable price. With personal computers or low-functional workstations, loading an X-ray image through the network will bring upon a lingering experience. For a dental office, the server must be customized for Dental IT to ensure HIPAA compliance, cyber security, solidified backup and fluent networking. ARK Dental System offers a reliable server design, at a reasonable cost.

Why You Need A Professional

A faulty server design causes problems. The following are incidents that actually occurred.

  • Low data transmission speed within the dental office.
  • Failure to bring the server back on-line after a blackout.
  • Lingering recovery of a shut-down induced malfunction.
  • Failure in finding a file believed to be backed up.
  • Breach of patients‘ information by cyber attacks on a vulnerable system.
  • Slow or discontinued X-ray data transmission to computers on the network.
  • The Practice management software running slow or crashing.
  • Inconsistent connection with the insurance claim system.